Investment Philosophy

Why we love real estate

Supply Constrained Investment

Real estate is a supply constrained investment class with new development requiring significant capital and time to construct.

Basic Human Need

Shelter is a basic human need which will always be in demand. Location based protection from the elements that allow us all to live our daily lives has intrinsic long term value.

Cash Producing Asset Class

Real Estate acts as both a store of value as well an asset class that operates as an income producing business by providing rental space to tenants.

Why Real Estate

 A human’s basic needs are shelter, water, and food. If lost in wilderness it’s in that order one is to find these three things to survive. Each of these have full industries in our modern world. The food processing industry is required to keep us all fed. Water rights have become both protected and contested internationally as groups vie for control of this precious resource. Shelter is the basic human need that requires significant capital and process to build. Once built, the structure and land are now on the side of less resistance as the costs of construction continue to rise and available land for new developments continues to constrict.

Supplies are becoming more scares as new developments are always counter balanced against the cost of natural resources, global warming, and our need for continued expansion.  Developing new real estate will always be necessary though the pace at which it can occur will forever place value on the existing short supply. To be clear, if real estate were not in short supply, there would be no new developments.

At Geometric, we love real estate as an investment because it is something we all need. Housing will forever be in demand and acts as a cash flowing asset as well as a store of value for investment dollars. 

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